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Attendees at DJX and PBX already know, Jordan’s past includes running The Nightlife Group fromĀ  1988-2013, with the Mobile DJ portion lasting from 1988-2007 and the Promotions division from 2004-2013…then morphing into tech from 2013 onwards. What’s NOT commonly known is that Jordan owned and operated one of Canada’s earliest CD Pools from 1995-1997 called Advance Warning, which provided music to DJs all over Canada and beyond. Now, he’s back in the music curation industry, and ready to help DJs all over the world improve their performance!

Phone: +1 917-994-8883
Lead Curator, Mobiles

For over 3 decades now, Ross Akselrad has been a leading Mobile DJ in the Philadelphia area through his company Pulse Entertainment. Simply put, Ross has seen it all, and delivers to his clients at multiple events each and every weekend. Now, Ross is involved with DJ Playlists, in charge of music curation for Mobile DJs all over the world.

Phone: +1 917-994-8883
Lead Curator, Nightclubs

DJ Mike Marquez is the epitomy of a New York City club DJ. He’s been DJing since his mid-teens, carrying on the legacy left to him by his father, also a DJ in his time. During the pandemic, Mike stepped up his game, and created opportunity where none existed by leveraging the lower of live streaming to great success. His outdoor DJ sessions live in Twitch was a world-first, and inspired DJs to do the same all over the world. A true leader in the DJ community, Mike leads our music curation efforts for Nightclub DJs all across the globe.

Phone: +1 917-994-8883
We’re looking for people in the following roles to come along with us for the DJ Playlists journey.
  • Content Curators
  • Salespeople & Customer Service Reps
  • Country Leads for all countries outside the USA and Canada