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We’re on a mission to help DJs across the planet with leading crates, playlists and more, in order for you to make better song selections for your clients.
Music Curation needs an upgrade
Music Curation definitely needs an upgrade. The current status of so-called “crate experts” doesn’t do nearly enough for DJs, and is far behind the times. Our goals are to offer you best-in-class solutions in the following areas.
  • Crates
  • Tools
  • Artificial Intelligence
Our Expert Team
Our team is made up of three industry veterans, each in charge of their area of expertise. Simply out, this is the A-team of the industry, and a team you can trust going forward.
First, there’s Ross Akselrad leading the Mobile DJ operations. Next, Mike Marquez oversees the Nightclub DJ efforts. Finally, there’s Jordan St Jacques in charge of the technology behind everything.